They say we got about a foot of snow starting Tuesday night and ending yesterday afternoon. Not just a lot of snow, but blowing and drifting and I really just don’t care for snow.

Yeah yeah yeah it’s lovely to look at but I’d be happy to see a photo of it instead..

Meanwhile, I’m focusing on November when it was still lovely. I guess it was kind of chilly back on November 1th because I sat on the front porch in my flannel jammies with Spot in my lap.

November 17th, a good group of white pelicans down at the water.

Lovey perched on top of the plastic tube thing in the fenced yard. It had been buried, but Kevin dug it up to make the patio. He has buried it since then and Lovey has been bitterly unhappy about not getting to get outside. The outside is her bathroom, so there are issues about this which affect all of us.

November 20th, I cleaned my boat and we started putting up the NAVIGLOO boat cover. Up here on the boat was a terrific vantage point, and here’s a boat’s-eye perspective of the many tarp-covered things which are parked. From left to right, the pop-up camper, Glenn’s big sailboat, and Kevin’s sailboat.

Up on the boat was also a good place to spot a deer.

Oh my, Spot was so enamored with being up in the boat with me. To him I’m sure it was like being in a home. I quickly covered the seats with towels so his sharp talons wouldn’t pierce the plastic.

I should get some kind of prize for most crazy hair, as we finished up the boat cover the next day. We’d started the project in the afternoon of the 20th and of course it took much longer than we thought it would, but it did come together better than it had last year. Kevin has figured out ingenious tricks to make the whole thing work better. Last year was the first year we had it, and it was very frustrating, but we love the protection it gives from the elements. Next year should be even easier.

Meanwhile, Spot hunkered down on top of the pop-up camper.

And finally, darling Lester, posing gracefully on top of the DVD player.

We’re going to venture out in a little while to take some food over to the outside kitty at Wanda’s. Much more later on that poor kitty Harley,. I hope the streets aren’t too treacherous. We’ll take the truck, which is covered in a foot of snow right now and Kevin is getting a new motor for it on Monday, so hopefully it’ll survive this trip.

ok then,

Mrs. H.