i let les paul out of the hot tub room yesterday, into the bedroom and bathroom and he explored everything he could.  i let him out again a coupla hours later and he went a little crazy, richocheting off the walls and stuff, excited to be in a bigger space.

this morning i let him in the living room, kitchen, dining room, upstairs…everything but the basement.

i thought things were going well – he and winnie sparred a little bit, but they were also just lying down near each other.  les seemed to be enjoying himself.

but then, later, kevin noticed that he’d sprayed on kevin’s coat hanging on a chair and all over the floor.

damn.  i was so hopeful.

back into the hot tub room he went, which is OK for now, but what if the spraying continues?  we’ll have to get rid of him.  how will we find a home for him?

plus, it’s supposed to be really hot tomorrow; i bet it’ll be too hot in there for him to stay.


maybe another week in the room?  would that help?


ok then,

mrs. thursday afternoon kind of sad hughes.