aunt sandy wrote to me, asking why i’m taking the prednisone.  i guess i failed to mention that the dr. on friday said i’m allergic to the antiobitic i was taking after the tooth-pulling.  it is called amoxicillin and i must NEVER EVER TAKE IT AGAIN.  somebody said that if i DID take it, i could have an even worse reaction, like anaphylactic shock. which, in case you didn’t know, is a severe and rapid and sometimes fatal hypersensitivity reaction to a substance (especially a vaccine or penicillin or shellfish or insect venom …)

so when i have the next phase of the tooth saga, when the oral surgeon drills a big HOLE IN MY GUM and inserts a GREAT BIG SCREW that looks like a…great big screw…and he’ll probably have to CUT SOME FLAP IN MY GUM in order to PUSH UP THE LOW-HANGING SINUS…he’ll have to give me something else to ward off infection or whatever.

i try not to think about this whole thing – see, when he pulled the tooth, for some reason he SENT IT HOME WITH ME.  i, being completely out of it, didn’t even realize this until i saw a little white envelope on the counter.  my tooth, with some patches of blood on it, with SUCH A GIANT ROOT, so it’s no wonder that it feels like a CRATER in my mouth…but the thing is, the tooth was allegedly cracked – in two places.  so it was bound to get bad.

and i got the twilight sleep stuff because he was probably going to have to chip away at the shards of tooth.


what if it had been perfectly fine, for years?  what if getting it pulled was just a HUGE WASTE OF PAIN AND MONEY AND A SEVERE ALLERGIC REACTION TO AMOXICILLIN?

i try not to think about this.

at least there’s nothing pressing i should be doing right now, because i don’t have the energy for it.  and at least my eyelids are no longer puffed up like crazy, i have no more big red welts on my head, neck, my back, my chest, my stomach, my knees, and the bottoms of my feet are no longer weirdly swollen.

and at least someday – SOMEDAY – i’ll have a lovely, ridiculously expensive fake tooth covering the gaping crater.

have you ordered LONG WAY ROUND yet on netflix?  i suggest you move it to the TOP OF YOUR QUEUE.

oh, and also – i didn’t watch the very first episode, when they’re preparing for their trip, so if it’s not that good, just BE PATIENT and get through it because the rest of it is great.  i plan on watching that first episode, when i either buy the dvds or i convince somebody to rent it so i can go over to their house and watch.

all right then.  i’m sitting here being quiet trying not to run about and completely wear myself out.