the day has been going ok. marginally ok. not that great. no particular reason, just a general feeling of blueness.

i realized i needed something to boost my spirits. some bit of hope and happiness, something to make me quit walking around with an inward scowl (ouwtardly, smile still plastered on my face).

and then i went to walgreen’s, to buy a new pair of headphones. I use the headphones when i run on the treadmill at the fit club, and i’ve spent almost as much money on headphones as i have on hands-free things for my cell phone. but while i either break/lose the hands-free things, sometimes they’ve also just quit working, self-destructed for no reason. With the headphones, i just lose them. i’ve been without headphones for a couple of weeks now, because i kept feeling that they’d magically re-appear. this works sometimes, and they show up in unexpected place. but this time i was serious about finding them, even took all the shoes out of my closet, hoping the headphones were there.

all i found out was that i have too many shoes. the shoes in the closet are just the shoes in storage; there are a lot of sandals there, some cowboy boots, a couple of other pairs of boots, plus the recent addition of my toe shoes. the shoes i actually wear are hanging on a big rack.

too many shoes. while digging around in there, i did decide to get rid of one pair of flip-flops, but that wasn’t much of a space-saver. MUST GET RID OF MORE SHOES.

anyway, i got myself a new pair of headphones (AND I’M GOING TO KEEP MY EYES ON THEM ALL THE TIME SO THEY’RE NEVER OUT OF MY SIGHT), and there, by the register…Nirvana. in the form of Cadbury Creme Eggs.

some people find the cadbury CE’s too sweet. But i adore them. very chocolatey, with that very thick chocolate shell, and all creamy and sweet inside, the cream that looks like an egg. a little odd, maybe, but quite delicious, the perfect food for a serious serious sugar/chocolate fiend like me.

there are other cadbury eggs, like caramel ones, but that’s too much like one of those caramel-filled candy bars. i’m a Cadbury Creme Egg purist, myself.

i’m sitting here at Panera, and i forgot to bring my Cadbury Creme Egg in with me, but i know it’s waiting out in the car. something to look forward to.

that’s all i need to be happy, something to look forward to. granted, i could buy myself a whole tub of CCE’s, theoretically looking forward to them…but it wouldn’t be the same. for one thing, i’d eat them all right away. i learned this one easterish time. i wonder when easter is this year, anyway. there are a couple of ministers sitting at the table next to mine; i could lean over and ask them. one is young and cute. but they seem quite engrossed in church-type chat. it’s funny, but when i came in, i noticed the young-n-cute one, and i thought, “i bet he’s a minister.” that would be my ESP. i need to work on my ESP; it would be a nice thing to have on a more regular basis.

here’s a link to some photos of my show, which i’m sorry if you missed, because it was SO GOOD…

“you can’t take it with you”

and, as a matter of fact, here are some of the photos taken backstage…this is my family in the play – felicia and mike coulter, and erica smith. Even though erica and i AREN’T related, we are in spirit. plus i’d like to be adopted by felicia and mike, even though i have perfectly great parents of my own.

the Sycamore family

here’s my friends Kate and Beverly. I’ve known Kate for a very long time; she’s very talented plus she’s sweet and funny and all-around good. i just met Beverly, and i’m glad to know her.

Kate & Beverly

and here’s me with Brett Rutherford, who played my husband, Ed, in the play. Brett is a very sweet guy, who shared his tater tots with me one night at the Barrelhead. if that isn’t true love, i don’t know what is.

me and brett

maybe next time i’ll show you some more photos.

ok then,

grace anticipating bliss