it doesn’t get better than this. we’re sitting here in the lobby of the holiday inn, about to go have some dinner.

kevin and the band are setting up in the milk barn down near hamel, illinois (i’d never heard of hamel illinois) but they’re having sound issues so it’s hard to say when they’ll be back here at the hotel.

so we’ll go eat without them. but at least we have a plan. and then later, we’ll all go down to the milk barn and listen to the band and eat and drink yet some more.

it’s snowing up in springfield; i saw a picture on tv, and mom got a report from dad.

randy and mom and i swam a little in the pool here, but then a bunch of kids showed up so we left. there seem to be hundreds of kids running around all over the place here. one of them was very excited to find a hotel luggage cart.

like i said, it doesn’t get better than this.

but yet i feel that it might be one of my best new year’s eves. i don’t have to perform tonight, for one thing, so that’s good, no pressure. and i think we’ll have fun. plus i got a nap earlier.

and then, soon, it will be 2008, and eight is my favorite number.

so, good, it’s all good.

happy new year…