why can’t i remember new year’s eve day?  because i can hardly remember anything these days, that’s why.

but i know it was warm-ish, because i have the pictures to prove it, taking lester for a walk down by the water.

here he is, trying another death-defying maneuver, since there was no cracking ice to walk on.  his tummy doesn’t really stick down that far; he was just crouching to slither under the rope.  that piece of foam stuff isn’t the most secure thing to walk on, although it is sturdier than very thin ice.

then he had to check out the hole.

nope, nothing exciting there, time to move on.

he found another hole, crawled down into it, and i think this is the one the mink lives in. i just read about mink, and they don’t hibernate, but in the winter they might stay down in their holes for a couple of days.  i was hoping that les wouldn’t encounter our mink.

les popped back up shortly thereafter.  whew,  mink-free.



of course he had to climb around on the rocks jutting out into the water.  i think this is pretty new behavior; he’s becoming more of a risk-taker, climbing as far out on the water as he can.  hmm, maybe he’ll be willing to take a sailboat ride next summer?

and at least it was water that he was up to, not ice.  this gives you a good idea of how far out les walked on the very very thin ice a few days before this – he got all the way out to that floating dock. crazy kat.

good grief.  it’s too cold for the kitties to be out at all now, and they are definitely stir crazy, as am i.

ok then,

mrs. 2017 hughes.