i called bev on saturday; she’d called me during the week and i’d been too busy and forgot to call her back.

from now on i must call her back right away, no matter what…because she’d spent the week in a state of fervent agitation and general upsetted-ness.

in between posting about our trip to wales, i posted something about random things going on here right now.  one of the posts was about how we went to northern illinois to visit kevin’s family a couple weeks ago, including some photos of our short river cruise.  there was also a photo of les sitting at the front door – when we were one overnight, we just had amy look in on the kitties, and i wrote about how upset poor les was cause he wasn’t able to go out.

so the thing i found out is that bev is a serious skimmer.  she was terribly upset because she thought that i thought she never let our kitties out while she was watching them during the month of august.  when she saw that photo of les she did read what i’d written, but she only saw that he “never got to go out,” and didn’t realize that i was talking about just that one night a couple weeks ago, not the long time she lovingly took excellent care of our little kitties!

i finally convinced her that that’s not what i’d written about at all, but like i said, she’s clearly not bothering to read, she’s just checking out the photos.

meanwhile…amy and jim decided to get another italian greyhound, and they found a rescue dog in kansas city and drove there to pick her up.

on all previous car rides, mincy did a whole lot of whining, but because amy sat in the back seat with the two dogs on the trip there, he was content, as you can see.


here’s their sweet new dog – she doesn’t have a name yet, and she has a lot of little scars.  the foster parent in kansas city (who had seven italian greyhounds of her own!) said that she’d been found by a farmer in a field, and jim speculated that maybe she’d cut herself on brambles when running from somebody.  who knows, but we’re all glad that amy and jim rescued her.


here they are, three darling little deer so happy together.


a chipmunk outside amy’s door desperately wanted to come in and join the party.


randy keeps taking photos of one of his new kitties, who i think is officially named pee wee, altough i’m not sure because he keeps changing his mind.  he’s so cute, but where are the pictures of his other sweet cat, who may or may not be called miss kitty?


amy, mom and i were driving back from taking the dogs for a walk.  amy and mom were chatting away in the front seat and i was hanging out with the dogs, when i heard a big CRAACK and the instant we’d passed under a tree, i heard something CRASH to the ground.  we looked back, and a huge branch had just missed crushing us.

shortly thereafter kevin and i walked over to see the tree, and somebody had already pulled it off the road.  it was a big branch off a very dead tree that still hangs over the road.

so hopefully the tree won’t fall on anybody.


soooo cute…


chester never, ever sleeps on our bed, day or night.  but we bought a new bedspread and he thought it was beautiful, and had to sleep there during the day for two whole days.  les joined him for a while.


now that it’s not brand new, chester doesn’t care about it anymore, still looking for somewhere new to sleep.

winnie is always happy in the hot tub room.  this is a big day, his first diabetic curve – we have to check his blood throughout the day to see the effect of the insulin.  the first blood sample was at 6:00 this morning.  very early, and i wasn’t fully awake, and it didn’t go so great, but somehow i managed to get the little drop of blood.  i had to prick a little hole along the edge of his ear, as kevin held the flashlight underneath it so i could see the little red vein.

we had to repeat it at 6:30 after he’d eaten, then again at 7, and in a few minutes at 8, then every two hours.  a busy cat day.

o29i guess the advantage of getting up so very early is that now i have plenty of time to get lots accomplished today…but what i really want t do is nap.

ok then,

mrs. tuesday hughes.