I don’t remember how, but we managed to get a cab to the theater to see Moulin Rouge. We were there pretty early and I was so excited!

Several years ago I went to New York with Bev to visit her daughter Erin and we had the pleasure of seeing Erin’s friend Courtney Reed who was playing Jasmine in “Aladdin” on Broadway. I just found photos of that trip, including a great shot of Bev doing a cartwheel on the empty stage after the show was over. I don’t think I ever posted them here for some reason.

Meanwhile…Courtney now has the lead in “Moulin Rouge” and I was eager to see her in the production. Here’s the fabulous backdrop.

A cool windmill off to one side of the stage…

…And a blue elephant on the other.

Masks were required in the theater and ushers were being diligent about making people wear them, which was good.

The show was fantastic. A little different from the movie, with many fabulous numbers. When Courtney was Jasmin in “Aladdin” it was nothing compared to the amount of work she did as Satine in “Moulin Rouge.” She danced, she sang, she was funny and tragic and was on stage for much of the show. Plus she changed in and out of many glittery wonderful costumes.

Here we are out in the alleyway afterwards. We only got to talk to her for a bit because she had many other admirers waiting for her.

When we got back to our hotel I sent Courtney a text, telling her how impressed I was with her performance, plus the fact that she had to spend so much time in hair and makeup and everything, while the guy who was her co-star only had to show up. Since he was playing a bohemian artist he didn’t even have to wash his hair! Men generally have it easy, getting ready-wise.

Ok then,

Mrs. September Hughes.