Kevin took this photo of Spot in our attached garage. When I first glanced at the picture, I thought, “where on earth is that messy place?” And was chagrined to realize that it’s our garage. Soooo much stuff…but maybe a lot of it is just empty boxes? Let’s go with that. Spot was delighted to sprawl in the garage, feeling like it’s one step closer to being an inside kitty.

Here he is on Sept. 20th as we enjoyed time on the dock.

It was cloudy and lovely the next night.

And this is historic, on the 24th he crawled onto my lap for the very first time. It was quite a bit cooler then, and it’s funny that I was wearing my flannel jammies because right now it’s still in the 80s and we have the air conditioning going.

Later that same day, he tried to get comfortable.

The day after that, the 25th, Kevin went out on his sailboat and I love this picture because to me it looks like he’s saying “land ho!”

Lemondrop has taken to lying on the front porch with Spot, which is nice. I feel that if we ever bring Spot inside someday, we’d have to bring in Lemondrop as well, because otherwise she’d be lonely and sad.

ok then,

Mrs. October Hughes.