what a busy weekend!  not a moment that wasn’t a flurry of activity!

ok, maybe i did have time for a (very short) nap saturday afternoon, but it was pretty busy nonetheless.

saturday morning kevin was going to lincoln’s home, where they were going to re-create a photo taken after lincoln was elected president.  i took lots of pictures, because it was all very scenic.

here are some of the people milling about.


a mixture of tourists and reenactors – the asian women there on the right wore bright red lipstick, very chic.

a very cute little boy in old-fashioned attired, and his mom is there in the background with a baby.

these costumed ladies were very fancy, and tourists were taking lots of pictures.

kevin got to hold the sign!  somebody had an identical sign in the early photo because kansas wanted to be part of the union.  kevin is here with other members of the 114th, all looking quite dapper in their fancy duds.  i’m used to seeing them in their blue uniforms.  i probably wouldn’t even recognize them in modern-day clothes.

this woman was quite fashionable with her little bitty parasol.  the two guys were both smoking long-stemmed pipes.  i don’t think they were from around here – supposedly there were people coming in from all over the place, different states even, but there wasn’t really a huge crowd.  but the people in attendance seemed a little more gussied up than reenactors i’ve seen around here.

i wish i’d taken a photo of this white-clad couple from the front.  in the original picture, there were lots of people dressed in white.

everybody was gathered together for the photo, finally…and the guy toting a big garbage bag walked through.

this is sort of the angle of the final photo, except that the guy shooting it was up in a cherry picker.  in the window on the lower left, a mary todd impersonator is sitting.

here’s the guy in charge striding across the street.  i like this picture because of his purposeful stride.  his name is dave wachtveitel, and he’s a park ranger at the lincoln home.  he might be in charge of the home, i’m not sure.

after the photo, the public was invited to join the reenactors for another picture.  i love the stance of that old guy in the bright yellow shirt down there on the right by kevin.   he looks like he’s really hustling to get a good spot.

the photographer in the cherry-picker.

kevin and me.  but ok, now here’s the thing – i got this woman standing in front of us to take our picture, but do you notice how everybody else is looking up?  THAT’S BECAUSE THE GUY IS TAKING THE PICTURE.  i never heard him say that he was going to take it, because i was very busy showing the woman how to use my camera and she had problems so i had to show her some more.

so, when the photo is published somewhere, all the people will be looking at the camera, except for us, who will be posing for this woman standing with her back to the camera.  oops.

i laughed at the woman in blue’s expression here.  i thought it was so funny that i had to show it to her.

as people were leaving, one woman opened her fabulous parasol.  damn, i really need to work on getting myself a nice dress for any dances that might come up, plus more photo opportunities.  plus i really need a cool parasol like this one.

i made the photo black and white, but i didn’t mess with it enough to make it look beaten-up and authentic.

sepia isn’t bad, but it looks much too crisp for an old-fashioned photo.

here’s the video i took of the event taking shape:

and that’s all the photo documentation i have of the weekend.  we went out on the boat every day, which was fantastic.  i want to go out on the boat and jump in the lake as much as possible because COLDER WEATHER IS LOOMING.  except that it’s supposed to be hot tomorrow.  but then we’re going to have a perfect labor day weekend, and i might just stay outside the entire time.

ok then,

monday grace.