my plan was to hurry up and slap just a few photos of July up here, and so far i’m only up to July 3rd.

On the 4th we roared over in the boat to the other side of the lake to watch the fireworks at the marina. They were less than spectacular. But there were no fireworks over at the D.A.V., where we usually see them up close. next year. maybe?

July 5th, Kevin was hard at work as he stripped the roof on the back side of the house down to the bare wood.

Riley enjoying the fenced yard, with the giant rooster in the background.

Sweetie’s #1 spot to be is the fenced yard. And Lester enjoys himself where he goes.

and that brings us up to July 5th. must be more productive.

It’s like today, i had such high hopes for accomplishing things but instead did other things but at least I’m posting this now.

it’s a beautiful day today, i think i’ll go outside and sit on the swing. I’m sure at least one cat will join me.

ok then,