glenn helped kevin launch his sailboat at the beginning of the month.  kevin lowered the boat into the water, and glenn motored back to shore…except the motor died, a constant theme in the hughes household up til recently.  luckily we have the new pontoon boat that always runs, so kevin was able to go retrieve him.

les and riley, continuing to be darling…

july 13th, kevin’s first sailboat voyage of the year, yay for that since he hadn’t been out in the sailboat in two years, I believe.

…and it was all smooth sailing…

this is one of les’s favorite spots, I think because the closet door is almost always firmly shut so he can’t get in.  since this closet is actually steps up to the attic, wouldn’t he be please if he could open the door and explore what’s up there?  which is nothing, as far as I know…maybe sometime we should open the door and find out.

meanwhile, Winnie continues to hang in there.  he’s holding his own, but also slipping.  we do what we can for him, and he mostly seems pretty all right.

ok then,

mrs. it’s getting dark earlier and earlier but i’m not gonna let that bother me hughes.