considering that i hadn’t been to a movie in i don’t know how long, the number of movies i saw over the week was quite remarkable. after “talledega nights, the ballad of ricky bobby,” fairly stupid but also funny, was “marie antoinette,” BORING BEYOND BELIEF. and then on friday night we saw “borat.”

hmm. i went to it because of the funny trailer. and it was funny, in parts…but also over the top. WAY over the top. it seemed that when he went around interviewing people, they had to be actors. (the premise is that the title character is from kazikstahn, coming to america for the first time in order to find out about it in order to make his country great).

when i got home i read about it, and the film’s claim is that most of the people in it, except for borat’s producer or agent, and the very large prostitute, were actual people not acting. i also read that some reviewer, i think the guy from the LA times, compared the actor to lenny bruce and richard pryor, except this guy, sacha cohen, is so mean-spirited. i have to agree to that, but it’s also amazing to hear the kinds of things people will say even though they know they’re being filmed. racist, homophobic, you name it, it was being skewered by cohen.

randy loved it. kevin liked it, as did erica. bev didn’t care for it at all.

i guess i’d recommend seeing it, if you feel that you won’t be totally disgusted at the sight of borat and his producer running around fighting each other and rolling around on the bed completely naked, and the producer is very very obese and i’ve never seen such a gross amount of flesh. they also run down the hallway and onto the elevator and into a meeting of realtors at the hotel.

odd. an odd film.

last night we rented “mrs. henderson presents” and i’m so glad this is the last film i saw during the week because it was GREAT. two thumbs up. judi dench is eccentric and wonderful and very rich and she buys a shut-down theater and turns it into a vaudeville palace in 1937, with the help of bob hoskins (who was the executive producer of the movie), and then she decides that they should have nude women in the show which causes somewhat of a scandal.

it’s fun and funny and intelligent, and there are lots of big numbers with lots of singing and dancing and it’s dramatic and you should definitely rent it.

funny, too, that at one point when they’re trying to coax the women into disrobing, everybody in the theater gets naked – including bob hoskins. mercifully, there’s only a brief shot of him standing there totally naked, and he doesn’t run around or fling himself on top of anybody or anything like that.

that is all for now.

ok then,

sunday grace.