and the thing is it seems like deep winter all of a sudden.  fall passed in the blink of an eye – it got deeply cold yesterday and snowed. ugh.  to early.  let’s go back to mid-October when we had that little flash of autumn.

Winnie enjoyed lying in a new box.  he’s hanging in there, although he eats a huge amount every day and continues to get skinnier.  we tried to get him some new medicine for the pain in his front paw, but he’s already taking so much stuff that the vet said our options were very limited.  we got him one giant needle full of medicine, to see it he could tolerate it, but we haven’t even given it to him at all because the last time I gave him something with such a giant needle he yelped in pain.  this needle, for his arthritis, hadn’t fazed him before, but now that he’s so thin it really hurts.  poor fella.

he hobbles around, but not horribly.  he still purrs and likes to sit in our laps.

lester and riley, before we added the second top shelf to the tower.  they made it work all snuggled up on one cushion, but not for long.

a beautiful morning on the lake.

white pelicans!  I think this is the closest I got to them.  mid-October, they were still hanging out at the point down the way.

and that wraps it up for this chilly November Saturday evening.

ok then,

mrs. Saturday hughes.