I was so excited to get my new iphone a couple of weeks ago. I had a 6s+, which was about four years old and had started randomly shutting off for no reason, plus, of course, the new phones has cameras that are light-years better. Or so I hoped…

Here’s my first photo, where I hope you can see that the orchid that Kevin bought for me for…our anniversary? My birthday? is sending off shoots and will soon have beautiful flowers again.

The only problem is that when I finally re-potted it, I took out the sticks propping it up and the little clips attaching the plant to the sticks. I know exactly where about four or five of the clips are, and you’d have thought I’d have also saved the sticks and kept them all together, but of course they have disappeared. But surely I can use some other kind of stick? When trying to find out about re-potting I cam across approximately a gazillion videos about care of orchids. I knew they were delicate but had no idea of the depth of the delicate-ness. The people in the videos seemed to have scads of orchids, but I’m content with just the one.

Here’s Kevin, the first photo with my camera of a person.

I’m a little bit freaked out by this photo of Les Paul (first photo of a cat) because he looks very gaunt and old, IMO. He doesn’t really look like that at all. Maybe it was the lighting?

Here’s our third Friday night weenie roast, April 23rd. It must have been nippy out that evening because I see my gloves lying there. Kevin, Mom and I enjoyed our hot dogs, chips, and s’mores. I always bring a bag of carrots down to the shore but I’m the only one who eats them. I also keep forgetting whether the carrots in the fridge have gone bad so I buy another one at the store so now I have quite a few bags, plus some hummus which hopefully won’t go bad before I eat three carrots’ worth on Friday.

Saturday the 24th, my first long-distance shot; can you see the goose lying way out there? I guess I can sort of see it.

I was very pleased with this nighttime shot because it was actually a lot darker in the room than this. I’m looking forward to trying it out with moon pix, although I think I just missed the full moon.

And my first selfie in the dark. I feel like I don’t really have this many lines but I guess I do.

It has been a sort of odd early May; the temps soared into the 80s a week or so ago but now it’s crazy windy a lot and quite cool. Every time I go outside and the trees are so green it makes me really happy.

ok then,

mrs. may hughes.