our trip to the fair wasn’t JUST about bev’s multiple entries in various contests.  we walked around and looked at stuff, too.

this was the best thing – it’s the “world famous redwood log house.”  you could go right inside, where it was like a little camper.  very VERY cute.

this is the bedgroom, and where that guy is is the living room, and then there’s a tiny kitchen.  i hope it comes back again next year.  i will drag kevin out to the fair to see it.

mom and i rode the sky glider which is really the best thing to ride at the fair.  it wasn’t too hot that day, but it was even more pleasant way up there on the up and up, which is what we usually call it.

horses were racing, and after taking a few frantic pictures i did manage to actually get one of a horse.

we stopped by the nicely chilled twilight ballroom for a few wine samples, which were quite tasty plus refreshing.

we also had some fantastic fries, a chocolate shake, and ears of corn.  SOOOO GOOD.

i’m already looking forward to next year’s fair.

all right already,

mrs. hughes.