we have an autographed brooks & dunn guitar in our music room. i didn’t know this. did my husband go to a B&D concert? he’s never mentioned it. maybe. or maybe he got it on e-bay.

he has lots and lots of guitars, in case i’ve never mentioned this. LOTS and lots.

it’s not so much a music room right now, it’s more a place with lots and lots of guitars in cases plus other stuff that has no place.


things will get neater and more organized around here. this office, for example, will not be filled with pieces of paper, many of which don’t even belong to me so i can’t file them or throw them away.

i also just noticed a very large pair of muddy boots. why are there muddy boots in here?

there’s a fabulous “incredibles” neon clock that MH bought me a while ago, and that needs to be put up on a wall somewhere.


organization. it’s going to start happening this week, i can just feel it.

well, you neve know.

it is POSSIBLE, anyway. i could tear myself away from looking at the weather next week in NYC on weather.com, and start cleaning.


soon, soon.

ok ok ok goodnight already and i hope your monday is filled with warm sunny weather and everything good,