and now i feel that i was wrong, maybe i won’t have so much free time.  but then again, you never know.

but WHAT ABOUT LESTER?  it’s been a while since i’ve posted anything about the darling little kitty, so here’s a very cute photo of him and darling kevin – this is when kevin was sick, and les was helping him get better!

still MAY, cause lately we’ve been going on unleashed walks, which he prefers.  but then sometimes we let our guards down and just let him out the door.  yesterday he didn’t come back for a very long time and i started to worry a lot…but he’d been locked in the garage!  poor tiny kitty.

speaking of tiny…one of jill’s giant bernese mountain dogs, with the adorable little puppy!

this makes me a little bit sad…many flowers i impulsively bought this year, and many of them have died because it has rained so much!  crazy.  i guess the flowers that are completely dead are the pretty poppies.  they were doing so well, and then it rained…and rained…and continues to rain…it’s not raining right now, which is a delightful break.

have you ever seen such a cute little puppy??!!! his name is dutch.

hmm, since this was the beginning of may, i should have jill hold dutch again, so we can see how giant he’s getting!

here’s the deck, halfway power-washed.  it looks pretty good now, and the flowers back there have done well with all the rain.

chester felt the need to sprawl over the unwashed side of the deck.

and finally, more lester and kevin!  funny, you’d think all they do is sleep, but kevin is wide awake this very minute.  les, however, is very tired and is happily sleeping on the bed.

ok ok ok,

mrs. end of june hughes.