and i wanted to put a link in this posting, but instead it came up over there on the BLOGROLL. but that’s fine; now it will always be up there for you to find. it’s called ANIMATOR VS ANIMATION, and YOU MUST WATCH IT! it’s very funny and clever. when you see it, you can look at the guy’s other stuff; he also has ANIMATOR VS. ANIMATION II.

brilliant. and i think he’s 18, maybe 20 years old by now.

today i was going to take the time to write, but mostly to just say PACKING PACKING MOVING MOVING MOVING. but instead tonight i got to watch something funny, which really make my monday.

we’re (theoretically) moving out of this house on sunday. it’s not ready to sell yet, mostly because there is still no siding on most of the back of the house. we were happy to hear that the siding we’d ordered was ready on friday and we picked it up and brought it home…and it was the wrong kind. kevin proceeded to look up the manufacturer of the siding and they quit making siding.

not a happy friday night. we decided to return the siding and buy some other kind that would at least look almost like the siding we have, except we’d have to replace the entire back of the house instead of one (very large) section.

but when we took the siding back to menard’s on saturday morning, after quite a bit of “you can’t return this” and stuff like that, they finally realized that the guy who ordered the siding for us ordered the wrong stuff. he ordered the siding that was just underneath listing for the siding we need on the computer screen.

so now they’re RUSHING our order of siding and theoretically it will be here in three to ten days, and theoretically it will the right stuff.

but only in theory.

meanwhile we’ll be busy trying to start to unpack many many many things.

lots and lots to do in the upcoming week, as the floodwaters rise all over town.


ok ok ok,

monday night grace.