glamour erica

glamour erica!

this is kind of a huge photo of erica, but i don’t have time right now to make the photo smaller and then re-post it because i MUST GO TO SLEEP NOW. erica is wearing the fetching wig she gets for the show. my wig is long and blonde. quite a sight.

i’m not feeling particularly tired, but it’s almost midnight, and i have to get up tomorrow. this seems to be a pattern, having to get up. tonight at rehearsal andy v. said this morning he got up at a quarter to nine, and EVERY DAY NO MATTER WHAT, he always gets up at six. so you can see the toll this thing is taking on us.

three more rehearsals, and then it’s SHOWTIME, whether we’re ready or not. will we be? my family is coming to see it on sunday night, and i’m hoping that by then it will be more musical-like. you just never know. at least we haven’t had any rain so far, nor hail for that matter. hail was predicted last night, but it missed us entirely.

summer seems to be here already, and the air conditioner is broken in my house. they’re going to fix it on friday, maybe. it actuallly doesn’t feel so bad.

here’s something funny about the play – this nice guy named don plays a mormon man, and this nice woman named kayla (EXTRA nice, because she keeps bringing treats to rehearsal!) plays one of his wives. Last night i noticed that don had a HUGE gut. i kept looking at him – was this part of his costume? or was his stomach actually that large, and somehow i hadn’t noticed it? this was entirely possible, because sometimes i’m completely oblivious to everything (maybe this is why i bump into stuff so much).

i decided the stomach probably wasn’t real, but on the other hand, i figured i couldn’t go up and ask him, because if it was real, we’d both feel bad.

luckily, tonight, his stomach was flat, and i could confess to him that i thought he was actually rotund.

and kayla – she wears this black dress as the mormon wife, and in the play she has enormous mormon bosoms, but tonight i noticed that in addition to the padding on her top half, that her hips were pretty huge as well. once again, i had to ponder it – i’d seen her in shorts; surely they couldn’t hide hips like that? they must be padded…but still i wondered. I was in the dressing room when she took off the dress, and i was relieved to see that she wore a big padded thing that covered her hips. whew. kayla and don, very tall and trim individuals.

kayla is also hosting the opening night party, which i’m sure will be quite a party. no matter HOW the show goes (and i’m not saying we’re going to have any problems or anything), the party will be good. i heard somebody say, “kayla throws a great party,” and then i heard kayla say “i don’t have the whiskey for the whiskey sours, but i got the tequila for the margaritas.” she’s clearly an A+ party planner.

i must go to sleep now, in order to rest up.

for the show, of course, not for the party…

that is all for now.

ok then,

grace prepared to can-can (pretty much).