sunday morning, lots and lots of geese and goslings in the yard. i went out at about 7:30.   here are lots of photos, and then, later, i’ll post the video i took.

noodle and numie, trapped inside the fence, not able to chase the geese.  see numie in the hot tub room – he usually prefers to be inside.

a smaller family of geese on the water.

and a family with just one little gosling.

this is my favorite photo of the day.

the geese are nervous now – see mollie up there in the middle, about to come down to the shore.  she makes them anxious, even though she never chases them.

heron, ducks on the dock, geese.

the little goose family looks like they’re posing for me.

here are our new lawn chairs, and the newly-painted yellow one.  the dock are is looking better.  can you spot mollie there, just to the right of the big tree in the middle.  she’s very happily rolling in something.

noodle, still just watching.

and the pooor little prison dog numie.

it’s storming like crazy right now and i just took even more video.  so, soon, lots of video postings.

soon, of course, still a very relative term.

ok then,

tuesday morning grace.