and things are ok.  trying to wake up this morning.  it’s harder to get out of bed when it’s chillier outside; how will i ever manage when it gets truly cold?

let’s not worry about that right now.  one moment at a time.

here’s mincy and numie; amy tok this on a walk near scheel’s.  that’s funny because we walked around there more than enough when getting ready for our big walk in wales.

their newest and smallest dog, mincy, was orignally named sweetpea.  and i’m not sure about the spelling of mincy, but they might change his name again anyway, you never know.  he’s super cute, that’s all that matters.

mincy and numie

mincy and numie

last weekend when the route 66 car fest was going on, i saw this car going down the road and had to keep taking pictures while driving to show kevin, because it reminded him of his VW Thing.  he says it was a land rover.  i think maybe i was actually stopped when taking this pictures.  i bet you’re not supposed to take photos while driving, because it might be even more dangerous than texting.



winnie came to visit as i sat down by the water the other day. he was very interested in my diet mango juice drink, which was almost empty.


he was clearly parched. and very persistent.


we were going to have a weenie roast on the night of the lunar eclipse/blood moon/harvest moon/moon with many names that night.  but it rained so no weenies and sadly, no s’mores.

we did keep venturing out into the back yard to try to see something, and when we went out about 8:30, the huge mass of clouds parted and there was the moon!  very cool, but of course not so easy to try to get a good shot of the moon.  so this really doesn’t do it justice.


chester, lying in his box next to his suitcase.  maybe the house would be a little less cluttered if he didn’t have both a box and a suitcase to lie in, but he loves them so much.  plus the additional new smaller box with a little blanket in it.


les, in case you were forgetting what he looks like.  this morning about 4, he was lying on top of me, purring away, and when he does that it feels like he’s going to be pushy about getting constantly petted forever…but then i suddenly wake up and he’s nestled down next to me, or has gone outside to hunt something.  good kitty.


ok then.  monday, we can do it.

mrs. h.