and the weather is beautiful and all is well.

pretty much.

this morning i thought that lester and chester were whizzing around the house, ricocheting off the couch…but then i realized it was just les.

yesterday morning i was trying to sleep in a little bit but i kept hearing les as he roared into the bedroom and bounced off the bed and outside.

he’s a very busy kitty.


NOW WEDNESDAY,and actually it’s not even wednesday morning, it’s after noon.

i uploaded a bunch of photos on monday and was gonna get back here and write stuff and post them, but…i don’t know why that didn’t happen.

meanwhile, i got sick.  jim had a terrible cold, amy got a bad sore throat, and on monday evening on the way to zumba i could feel the sore throat coming on.


i immediately starting taking the HORRIBLE STINKY HORRIBLE wellness pills from food fantasies.  they are huge and are SO VILE that kevin refuses to even think about taking them because he says if he does, he’ll throw up.

i don’t think he would, and he could get my cold, but i can’t convince him.

anyway, so the horribly painful sore throat is now lots better already, and it doesn’t seem to be morphing into the lingering-forever cough turning into bronchitis.  a MIRACLE, and the horriblness of the taste of the pills is, of course, WELL WORTH IT.

every three hours, though, three nasty horrible pills.  i reward myself with a bite of chocolate frozen yogurt, in and of itself very medicinal.

after sleeping for about 10 hours last night i woke up to find that kevin was about to take mollie for a walk.  i decided to join them.

on the one hand, when we were walking i realized this wasn’t one of my more brilliant ideas and i should be sitting quietly drinking lapsang souchong, but on the other hand, it was a spectacularly beautiful morning and they were cutting the grass in the soccer field so it smelled fantastic and i was glad to be out, perambulating around, albeit very slowly.

not such a bad sore throat now, but i just want to lie down and nap, which i’ll do very soon, probably.

meanwhile, i am determined to get all the photos from august up here before september runs out!

here’s kevin with his special birthday cupcakes.  yes, that was august 4th, so i’m slightly over a month behind.

here he is with his birthday st. pauli girl n.a.

a couple of weeks later we celebrated with garrick and janice.  next to the cupcakes is the huge pile of dvds that kevin got, mostly from me, because all i could think of to get him were dvds.

kevin bought garrick some fancy bullets, but for some reason he decided to give him a gag gift of bacon, as though that was to be his only present.  kevin took a lot of pleasure in creating a label for the box.

and then, later in august, i made erica a peach pie for her birthday.  i really hate making pie, even this one where i used a frozen crust.  making homemade crust is definitely a nightmare, but even if it’s the much simpler method of using one that’s frozen, there’s still the issue of the burning edges and putting foil around them, and on this one the entire top started to get too brown too quickly so i had to put foil over the whole thing.  it’s always a cause for burning of my flesh, this pie-baking.

plus, really, i don’t care that much about pie anyway.  but erica loves it.

there’s always a goose who is king of the roost.

meanwhile, this morning randy called me, supposedly to “see how you’re doing,” but really, i know, it was just to chastise me for not putting up any pictures of les.

here’s one, anyway.

ok, i lied…photos of les are like potato chips; just one won’t do.  these were all taken on yet another walk on the leash.

it’s funny that he looks like such a tiny baby kitten here.

and this one – is he the puppet or the puppeteer?

he always likes to venture into the trees next to the house, because it is, of course, a kitty jungle.

and that’s all from the crazy cat lady on this WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON.

ok then,

mrs. crazy cat lady h.