and i’ve been busily photoshopping many, many photos, and guess what – they’re mostly photos of lester!  such a surprise!

taking pictures of les when we’re on our walks is always a lot of fun, though.  plus i can’t help it because he’s just so darn cute.

but first – saturday, kevin and i went to the movies, and when it was over i went into the bathroom.  as i was sitting there i decided to check my phone BECAUSE I LOOK AT MY PHONE WAAAAY TO MUCH.  amy had texted me and i replied to her, i stood up, and i DROPPED THE PHONE INTO THE TOILET.

oh god.  this is the second time i’ve done something this moronic; the last time was a few years ago, when i had an entirely different phone.  but you’d think i’d have learned my lesson.

but no, i hadn’t.  i frantically dried it off as best as i could with paper towels and took it out of its pretty tough case and decided that i MUST CALL AMY to ask her what to do.  so i rushed out of the bathroom and said to kevin DO YOU HAVE YOUR PHONE WITH YOU??? I MUST CALL AMY!!!

no, he didn’t have his phone with him.  my phone still looked like it had some power so i frantically called her and i actually don’t remember how our brief conversation went, except that i was hyseterical.

i rushed back into the bathroom and grabbed still more paper towels.

i’d read somewhere that you should put your phone in rice to absorb all the water, so we hastily drove home and i ran to amy’s, thinking that she’d have looked up some magic way to SAVE MY PHONE, but she hadn’t.  so i looked up the putting it in rice thing, and that’s basically just what you do, you submerge your phone in rice.  some places said to do it overnight and others said to do it for three days, but that seemed excessive.

i didn’t have any white rice, of course, only brown, but i buried it in the brown rice.

i read more online, and some guy on youtube claimed that the best thing to do was use the vacuum atachment to vacuum all the water out of the phone.  this seemed like a good idea, but i decided it was probably too late for that.

the next morning i decided a little vacuuming wouldn’t hurt, and it did make a very nice suction.  i was pretty desperate about the phone, in part because of this one short little video of mollie that i’d taken last summer.  we had taken her to Site M and she loved it, and it was just a tiny snippet of her running around happily; i have other videos of mollie, but i didn’t want to lose that one.  i’d tried before to save it onto my computer, but because of all the apple iphone restrictions, i could only hear the audio and not see the video.  i just didn’t want to lose that video.

i have also been using the little notes app to take many notes; i’ve eliminated the little lists that i usually scribble down, and now i’m kinda organized, withs one list of movies i’d like to see, and books, and different things like that.  i thought IF I’VE LOST THOSE LISTS, WHAT WILL I DO???

i turned on my phone…and it worked!  joyous rapture, clearly a miracle.  maybe because i’d quickly snatched the phone out of the toilet before it had time to get that wet, or maybe because the otter box case is pretty good, or maybe it was the rice, or the vacuuming…not important, just IT WORKS!!!

amy went out yesterday and bought me a case that is completely waterproof.  she put her phone in the washer one time, so i don’t feel quite as bad.  but still, it’s nice to know that if the phone happens to go back in the toilet a few years from now, i should theoretically be AOK.  meanwhile, i’ve decided that i obsessively look at the phone way too much and this is gonna stop.

whew, monday morning and i’m very determined about things.

here is lester, always very determined – on a walk in july he needed to explore every inch of the sailboat.

sometimes when he poses like this i think that he knows that he must stop and look like he’s getting his picture taken by a professional at a photo studio.

chester, of course, was curious about what les was up to, but not curious enough to actually get on the boat.

and then we had a couple of brief moments of quiet sitting down together, until somebody had to jump up and run off.

this tall grass has gotten so tall this summer.  i love the tall grasses.

and BOOM, that’s it for july!  i don’t have that many photos from august, and then BOOM, i’ll be all caught up!

the weather has gotten pretty perfect now, and i’m about to take a little run before working.  it’s only sixty degrees out there!

ok then, i hope your monday is a good one,

mrs. g.h.