well…last wednesday afternoon it was hot outside and mom and i did some errands and a couple of times the fan on the air conditioning in the van didn’t seem quite right to me, and it didn’t seem to get cool enough quickly enough, but we decided it was probably because it was so hot out.

i didn’t look at any of the gauges or anything because i never think of that.

we stopped by the hoogland to get some tickets for GYPSY, which opens in TWO SHORT WEEKS AND YOU’D BETTER GET YOUR TIX SOON CAUSE THEY’RE GOING LIKE HOTCAKES!

and when we got out of the car i noticed a little bit of steam coming up out of the hood of the car, plus a bunch of greenish liquid was pouring out onto the street.  hmm, that didn’t seem so good.  i called kevin, and jokingly asked him, “does this mean we’ll have to walk home?”

and he said “well, you can’t drive it.”


and then he said he’d call triple A and a mechanic, all that kinda stuff, and mom and i went in to get our tickets and i chatted with gus gordon, who showed me the fabulous wig i get to wear with my fabulous hat, and then we left, and i said hopefully the car wouldn’t blow up.

so we got outside and dragged whatever we thought we couldn’t live without outta the car, including mom’s leftover food from Mimosa restaurant, my yoga mat, my exercise bag, much of my stuff…and we have this big HELP thing in our car; you can unfold it or something if you have an emergency and i know it’s a very good thing to have for an emergency, but it also makes me laugh, this big HELP sign, so i made mom take a picture of me with it.

and then i sent it to a few people, including gus, since i’d just seen him.  a couple of people were worried, but did i really look worried in the picture?  i was pretending to be a bag lady with a really fancy purse.

the car got fixed, it only cost a few jillion dollars, and the van is old but i love it cause you can haul lots of stuff around in it, and getting it fixed sometimes is better than buying a new one.

kevin said we are gonna get it painted because it’s starting to rust.  that sound dubiously neat, because will it just look like a bad paint job, or is it possible to get one that’s good enough that it doesn’t look like you did it yourself?

in the meantime, i have been taking many, many pictures and still have some from JULY, but here is a beautiful butterfly that landed on one of our butterfly bushes last week.

i tried to get a picture of its body because it was also yellow and black, but i was afraid he was going to fly off.  i did manage to get quite a few photos before he flew away.

one of our pretty flowers, i believe it’s a gladiolus?  i would like to have so many flowers in the yard, but it just doesn’t seem to be happening yet.  some of the flowers i planted in the front have been eaten by something.

our darling dog on a boat ride friday morning.  she’s doing ok but not great – she’s not very interested in food in the morning but seems to have a rally at night – last night she couldn’t get enough food.  but this morning she wouldn’t eat anything at all, so i got her some more anti-nausea pills and now she’s sleeping.

i went to another DYNAMIC exercise torture class this morning and i’m pretty sure i have enough energy to give a massage this afternoon.  hopefully i do.

ok then,

mrs. monday hughes.