you know mollie will always win that battle.

it’s not quite as grand or spectacular as, say, “clash of the titans,” but i did find her quite entertaining plus i didn’t have to sit through that movie. kevin, dad and david went, though, and loved every exciting and action-packed minute.

instead of going to the movie, i stayed home and enjoyed the loveliness of the day. i had all kinds of plans for lots and lots of stuff that i really REALLY needed to get done…but instead i spent some time reading “in a sunburned country” by bill bryson. i think this is my favorite book by him. it is so chock-full of stuff that i never knew about australia, that even though this is at least the second time i’ve read it, it still amazes.

the good thing about having such a very short-term memory is that i can read things again and they’re new all over.

i was also busy working on my scotland videos. at different times in my life i thought i wanted to make travel videos, and i think this is fulfilling that desire. i’m almost to the end of the first one-hour tape and have almost finished the first five videos. so theoretically there could be a total of twenty 10-or-so minute videos.

here’s mollie; sorry it’s so dark but there’s not a lot of light in our living room at night.

ok then,

wednesday morning grace.