and it’s very fall-like today.  well, a yucky fall day – very cloudy.  the only good thing about the cloudiness is that i had to take kevin to the cataract guy at EIGHT AM, and they dilated his eyes, and the ride home wasn’t all sunny and blinding for him.

this is his second trip to an eye specialist this week; on wednesday he had another laser surgery.  he continues to slooooowly improve, which is, of course, better than not improving, but it’s just not fast enough for us.  but he doesn’t need cataract surgery anytime soon, unless his eye doesn’t get better and he has to have the surgery where they poke a needle into his eye and suck out the fluid and replace it.  if they do that, he’d have the cataract surgery at the same time.  sounds fun, doesn’t it?  but we’re optimistic that he’s going to heal without that eye-poking surgery.

meanwhile…he’s still able to take some mighty fine sunrise shots.  these were a couple of weeks ago, and they’re so stunning that it makes me really, really want to get up for the sunrise…but realistically it’s not gonna happen.

soooo beautiful…i should look up when the shortest day of the year is, before we revert back to standard time, because that would be the latest i could get up.  i bet it’s pretty late.  if we were in florida, the sun wouldn’t be rising til 7:30, a civilized time for the sunrise viewing.

and this is how covered in schmutz the lake was that morning…

not so much else going on around here, really…mom was feeling blue yesterday because it would have been her 55th wedding anniversary.  randy was feeling blue because his sweet kitty is on a quick downward slide, and doesn’t have much time left.  so we all went out to dinner and that helped everybody’s mood considerably.

our kitties, of course, continue to be cute each and every day, although the other night winnie cornered chester by the front door and a serious cat fight was taking place.  it was ugly.  and last night winnie was curled up in bed by kevin’s feet and chester felt it necessary to sashay in and attack, so i had to turn on the light and yell at him.

can’t we just all get along?

here’s kevin’s attempt at a selfie; i like this expression on his face, it’s like he’s very puzzled by this newfangled technology thing.  and les, of course, is darling.

wouldn’t it be nice if we could all be so delighted by a paper grocery bag?  first, chester leapt up on top of les.

and then he stalked around, strategizing his next move.

chester always looks SO SURPRISED.

and finally, of course, chester got to be in the sack, because he loves sacks and boxes and especially anything new that he can crawl into more than anybody.

winnie, so darling when left alone, free of those damn cats.

i was just scrolling through the many photos i took in september; of course i haven’t posted most of them, and i’m pretty sure they’re mostly still ALL CATS.

ok then,

mrs. continuing crazy cat lady.