it’s not even 7:30, and already i have opened a HUGE PRESENT that greeted me when i got up.

it’s a home theater sound system.  WOW.  i’ve been mentioning for a while that we need one because sometimes when we’re watching something we turn the volume all the way up but still there’s not enough sound.

so kevin is already busily hooking it all up.

i’m sitting here trying to rev myself up because, unfortunately, there are still many, many things to do.

i was looking forward to a relaxing day today, but stuff got in the way yesterday and i didn’t do as much as i wanted to.  so i’m about to throw myself into making some delicious stuffed shells and homemade bread with italian spices and cheese, which we will have tonight.

i could wait a while, but we’re gonna go deliver a coupla gifts and then there are things to do, presents to unwrap, and i want to get the whole cooking thing over with.

i didn’t meet my cookie quota for the year; i still have to make fudge.  while i was lying in bed this morning debating about getting up i decided that it would be MUCH BETTER FOR EVERYBODY if i didn’t make the damn fudge anyway because it will just make EVERYBODY FAT.

but then again, i make the most delicious, creamy fabulous fudge ever…

merry christmas morning to you.

ok then,

mrs. christmas hughes.