i’m over christmas now.

i’m sitting here on the couch and they’re re-playing the christmas in rockefeller center special.  LeAnn Rimes was singing “i want a hippopotamus for christmas.”  didn’t she used to be a country singer?  she was trying to be kinda funky about it, and she came out in a black trench coat which she eventually unbuttoned to reveal a very early madonna-inspired black slip dress with pointy boobs.  and a big slit.  it all just seemed silly.

over it.

it was very nice, one of the best christmases i’ve had in a while, but now i just want to take down the tree and all the decorations and the outside decorations.  it’d be a good time to do it since it’s still relatively warm out.

but i’m a little bit tired now.

here are almost he last pictures of the year.

a darling photo of erica’s cat heidi, i wish i’d printed it out and given it to her in a frame.  maybe as a belated xmas present?

we got this new snowman this year, and i think it’s funny to watch him inflate.

chester, always so cute.  i took a video of him this morning and maybe tomorrow i’ll have time to see if i can actually upload a video from the phone to the computer.  it seems that it should work, right?  i don’t want to think about that right now.

some of the many, many sugar cookies i made.  i made MORE OF THEM today, but just slapped some white icing on them because ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ALREADY.

here’s the outside decorations, but now looking at this i realize you can’t even see half the porch.  i think i’ll put on my slippers now and go take a picture, in case i get inspired to take them all down tomorrow.

amy spent a great deal of time making a new coat for numie, who would be a fabulous doggie coat model.

this is my favorite picture.  ditto with the printing out the photo and giving it to amy.

finally, since i’m too tired to even think about putting up any new photos, here’s darling lester in the middle of summer, always enjoying getting petted.

i got many great presents and gave some that turned out to be good too, and i will recount all of that plus photos plus maybe video, but right now i have to go take that picture, while i still have one little puff of xmas left in my body.

goodnight and merry merry,

mrs. christmas night hughes.