it happened so quickly, may.

briefly today i thought, it’s may already, that means the summer is going to whoosh by and suddenly it’s going to be cold again…

clearly, no way to live my life, worrying about NEXT WINTER.

i still haven’t looked at the pictures of the food that kevin took at that wine wine and more wine dinner the other night.

that seems like so long ago…

we’re about to have a STATEWIDE SMOKING BAN here in illinois, assuming the governor signs off on it. that would really be good. when i left LA, i wasn’t too thrilled to be returning to the land of smoke, but then we didn’t have smoking here in spfld, but we really still have, kind of, because of the various little municipalities that aren’t actually technically springfield and still allow smoking.

but soon, it’ll all be just a hazy, smoke-filled memory.

not to mention the fact that we have a great indian restaurant here.

plus, PLUS, the house of hunan, which used to be a really good chinese restaurant, many many years ago, and then got kind of seedy, was closed because of the tornado last year, and now they’ve re-opened and they serve sushi, and i’m going to try it very soon.

sushi, no smoking, indian food, springfield isn’t such a bad place.

especially since the weather is warm and the grass is green and the leaves are coming out on the trees.

tomorrow is DAD’S BIRTHDAY and we have many things planned. at least dinner, anyway. and cake.

what more does a person need, really?

actually, just cake, who needs the dinner.

here’s a picture of kevin that i took last march when we were in LA. was that just last march, a little over a year ago? hard to believe. we were hiking on the trail from the Will Rogers house, in the Pacific Palisades. i love this photo, and i just hung it on the wall above the computer.

kevin hiking

throughout the day today there were at least a million things i wanted to write about, but now i can’t remember any of them.

if you see my dad, wish him a happy birthday.

ok then,

grace hughes.