how did that happen?

first, valentine’s day – we had a lovely lunch at a new place called Finley’s tap room, but kevin wasn’t feeling so good – as we ate, i could see him getting sicker.  oh boy.

thursday morning he went to the doctor and the good news was that he didn’t have the flu, but he did have some kind of bronchial infection.  antibiotics.  bed rest.  lots of fluids.  we were about to take a trip to florida; we were driving with mom all the way down to Lakeland, near Orlando, a 20-hour drive.  then kevin and i were going to drive back up to a condo i’d found on the beach on the panhandle.

the plans changed.

i managed to get mom a flight to florida, and that was actually better for her because it would have been a very long drive.

and then every day it was “are you feeling better?” our reservation at the condo didn’t start til the next tuesday the 20th, so we’d have to leave on monday the 19th in order to get down there.

and somehow he did get better in time, YAY for that!  he wasn’t 100% yet when we started out, but by the time we reached florida he was feeling good.

i have photos, of course, but right now i just have time to show you this  time-lapse photo i took of the sunset on the 22nd.  i’d never tried doing this for such a length of time; i held my phone up for a good eight minutes, which produced this 18-second snippet of the sun setting.

ok then,

mrs. thursday morning already hughes.