I don’t think I’d ever seen Lovey being confident enough to sit on top of the kitty house, but there she was on June 15th looking very confident.

But then, aha! Riley spotted her up there.

He trotted right over as Lovey eyed him suspiciously…

…and then she quickly looked away so as not to be seen watching him.

Up Riley jumped and Lovey looked a bit bemused.

But Riley had very important things to study outside the fence.

And Lovey decided that if she didn’t look at him maybe he’d go away.

Lester, meanwhile, was ready to pose for a photo with them in the background.

I’m sure this only lasted for the flashest of flashes, but these three generally co-exist peacefully. Next, maybe they’ll all three be up there. Kind of unlikely.

Gee, that white hydrangea has already turned pink and is now a much deeper shade.

As summer marches on…

Ok then,

Mrs. I haven’t hurt myself in the last 24 hours Hughes.