i have accomplished many many things already this morning.

this, despite my current BANGS CRISIS.

christine called me this morning and said “how are your bangs?” and i said “huh?  what?  what are you talking about?”

yesterday evening i left her a woeful message about my BANGS CRISIS.  but then of course by this morning i totally forgot all about it, because i haven’t had a shower yet and so the state of my BANGS CRISIS is not apparent.


yesterday my bangs were blowing around a lot and my hair is so thin and they looked terrible, so i decided to cut them.  i’ve done this many times before even though amy is of course a fabulous hairdresser and she always says DON’T CUT YOUR OWN BANGS.  but most times they look perfectly fine when i cut them, except maybe a couple of times when i cut them when they were wet and they were subsequently much too short and very dorky-looking.

this is why i decided to cut them dry.  i cut them a tiny bit and they were still too long, so i cut a tiny bit more, and a bit more…you know how this ends.  but the thing is, i then wet them down and blow-dryed them and they looked fine.

but as the day progressed my bangs were CREEPING UP my forehead so by last night they looked really bad.  i stopped by amy’s salon and told her of my crisis and she was very nice about it even though i know she was thinking WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS SUCH A MORON CUTTING YOUR OWN BANGS???  she said she could fix them, but not right then because she was busy coloring somebody’s hair.

maybe i just won’t shower at all today and i also won’t look in the mirror.

but i have to shower at some point because i went running.  for the THIRD DAY IN A ROW.

this, also, the sign of a person who is NOT THINKING TOO CLEARLY.  but it felt so good to run.  and i haven’t run in over a month, and my inner thighs in particular have gotten really fat, not to mention to overall body in general.  i need to run!  but i also need to take it easy so not to have the HORRIBLE HORRIBLE BACK PAIN anymore.

mollie has been thoroughly enjoying going on runs.

kevin had his second of five shots in the knee yesterday and once again it was EXCRUCIATING PAIN, and what’s even worse, the doctor was running late so there was no time to go get FREE ICE CREAM.  and now my birthday coupon has expired.  oh well.  there’s always my second free ice cream coupon, this one from the Cold Stone Creamery, which i will DEFINITELY USE TOMORROW.

by then kevin’s knee should be feeling great.

ok, i was very productive but i could now easily spend a large portion of the day sitting here at the computer, so i must GET UP RIGHT NOW.

i hope you have a very fine friday, filled with free doughnuts and bagels like christine gets today at standard & poors.

ok ok ok,

friday grace.