…just one small perfect piece, that’s all i want.

randy gave me not one but two bars of godiva chocolate for my birthday.  he forgot to give them to me for my actual birthday but then he finally gave them to me and they looked very delicious.  i put them in the fridge, determined that i’d keep them there for a long long time or till i lost five pounds whichever came first and of course the long long time would come first.

but one night i thought to myself I’LL JUST HAVE TWO LITTLE SQUARES OF CHOCOLATE.

but then of course i’d have eaten at least one entire bar.  more than likely, both of them.

i looked in the fridge…and they were gone.  hmm, where were they?  WHERE’S MY CHOCOLATE?

surely kevin wouldn’t have taken them…

i asked him.  “maybe somebody had low blood sugar in the middle of the night and they ate a little,” he said.  did you eat BOTH of them? i asked with great surprise.  yes.  NOT AT THE SAME TIME?  no.  one one night, one another.

i couldn’t be mad, because i didn’t need that chocolate and would have eaten it all in one sitting and would have instantly gained 10 pounds.  plus his blood sugar was low and what a nice way to bring it up for a change, with some delicious godiva chocolate.

this isn’t what i wanted to write about tonight.  i’ve been looking at weather.com, at the forecast for glasgow, scotland.  it didn’t seem so bad, with highs in the 60s and lows in the 50s, so i figured that by the time we got there, it wouldn’t be so bad.  not so bad.

but then last night i finally found a website that had a listing for the town where we’ll actually start cycling, callander, scotland.  it’s MUCH COLDER IN CALLANDER.  it’s only about 85 miles north of glasgow, but a good five degrees colder.  this week the lows in callander will be IN THE THIRTIES.  with WIND CHILLS.  in the low 3o’s.  the website is weatherunderground.com.

highs in the fifties.  this is making me re-think my whole packing plan.  i thought i’d bring a pair of capris to wear when biking. NO WAY JOSE.  i’m bringing my long black thermal pants.  plus gloves and a warm biking jacket and it’s so crazy to think about how cold it’s going to be when it’s warm here and getting warmer every day.

but if you’re not too busy, look at google maps for callander and click on the link to see photos and MY GOD IT’S BEAUTIFUL THERE.  other little towns include pitlochry and killin.

and don’t tell me you’re too busy too look them up – i’m sure you spend plenty of time on the computer writing stuff on facebook and doing a bunch of time-frittering stuff.

this is where we’ll be!  hopefully it won’t snow.  because that would be a little much.  and also hopefully it won’t rain even though i know that’s a lot to hope for since it is scotland where it rains a whole lot.  but if it does rain it’ll probaly be a cold and yucky rain.

somehow we managed to avoid the rain when we biked in austria, even though one day we put on our rain gear because we were surrounded by big black clouds.  the week before we’d gotten there the rain was so bad that people drowned.

maybe we’ll be lucky again.

ok then,

monday night grace.