i have gotten some mail from readers saying WE NEED PHOTOS OF LESTER.

luckily i take plenty of photos of him almost every day, because amy demands it.

here he is yesterday; he spent much of the day lolling around on the orange chair on the screened porch.

i spent most of the day out on the deck planing flowers in my new flower boxes, and every time i’d go in to the porch, les would look at me, meow, and then roll into a new and adorable position.

kevin took this when he went out to get him to come in for dinner – he said that les looked like a pudding, rolling around on the chair.  a big rolly pudding.  les is our only animal who isn’t hanging around in the kitchen waiting for food.  for such a big and growing every bigger guy, he can be very blase about mealtime.

it is cooler this morning, so it doesn’t yet feel like the middle of july.

ok then,

mrs. seriously, friday already? morning hughes.