i got up early this morning and picked him up at the APL.  a great dane was coming in and MAN WAS HE HUGE.  there was a cat there with the BIGGEST MEOW i’ve ever heard.  he sounded very, very distraught.

they quickly retrieved Les P. and i put him in the car and petted him through the bars of his cage on the trip home.

kevin had assembled the MASSIVE CAGE for him in the living room.  i mean, it’s VERY VERY BIG.  i will take a picture soon.

Les HATE HATE HATED the cage. he meowed and meowed and scratched at the piles of blankets and pillows i’d neatly arranged.  he upset the water dish, twice.  ditto with his food.

not a happy camper.

this went on for a couple of hours – he’d calm down for a little, then go tearing around again.

at least he was in the living room and i was in and out, so i could keep an eye on him.

finally, he got tired of all the caterwauling.  he slept, stretching out next to the litter box.  yeah, it’s a HUGE CAGE – big enough to fit a decent-sized litter box, a little bed, his food and water.

he slept and slept.  whew.

ok, but here’s the thing – i talked to this woman who knows LOTS ABOUT CATS, and she said we should keep him in the cage in the room off our bedroom (the hot tub room, where he’d been staying), in the cage at first, and then we should let him out into the room gradually.  the problem is that there’s no way to air-condition that room and it’s going to get hot starting tomorrow.

another thing is that he seems pretty ok with the cage in the middle of the living room floor right now.  but the nice, informative woman said not to let him be around winnie for a COUPLE OF WEEKS.  but winnie has been in and out, and they haven’t seemed to have many issues.  mollie was lying by the cage sometimes, and all seemed fine there.

but…i don’t know.  i’m worried that when i wake up he’ll have sprayed a lot out into the living room.  right now he’s curled up, sleeping so nicely…but what happens when he waked up in the middle of the night, alone here in the living room?

oh boy.

maybe because he’s in a cage he won’t spray?

the woman said it takes two to three weeks for a cat’s hormones to die down.

that’s a long time in grace years.

right now, three of the sides of the cage are covered with blankets.  maybe i should completely cover it.  i don’t know who to ask at this time of night.

meanwhile…last night kevin and i sat down on the dock watching the moon rising.  it was spectacular.  kevin took a bunch of pictures with his phone.

at first, the moon was just a sliver, and it looked like it was behind an imaginary horizon above the trees.

it rose so fast that we could actually see it climbing up the sky.

these pictures were taken in just 10 minutes, from 8:45 to 8:55.

tonight the moon is a huge orange ball.  i took some pictures, but i’m sure they couldn’t look as stunning as it really is.

i guess i could sleep on the couch tonight and keep an eye on the kitty.  i don’t think that would be very restful, though.

oh boy, it’s always something.

ok then,

mrs. thursday night hughes.