when second city’s “rod blagovich: superstar” came to the hoogland center for the arts, i didn’t want to go.  tickets went on sale a while ago and i wasn’t interested because i was too thoroughly disgusted with all things blagojevich.

luckily, randy asked kevin if we wanted to go and kevin said yes.

we saw the show yesterday afternoon, and it was so very very funny.  it was smart and sassy and there was lots of parodying of different musicals and the woman who played patti was especially hilarious.  when patti and rod first met, Rod was known as Milorod, his real first name before he shortened it.  Patti said “Milorod?  That’s fucking gay.”  then she said, sorry, i’m trying not to swear so much, and she then said “Milorod, that’s gay.”  and then he decided on just plain Rod, “not gay at all.”

the show was short, just shy of an hour, and the time flew by.  in addition to rod (in, of course, a funny big black wig) and potty-mouth patti, there were three other people in the show who acted as the chorus and as various characters.  one guy was richard mell, blago’s father-in-law, and he, too was really funny.  they were all good – the other guy played roland burris, who appeared periodically, asking rod for the senate seat and being all sanctimonious.  the other woman played lisa madigan, and she really looked like lisa and was also very funny.

the show is coming back to spfld in may and tickets go on sale in april.  i highly recommend it.

ok then,

monday grace.