i’ve spent the last 45 minutes lying here in bed writing, and when i finally went to post it…it couldn’t find the server.

bitter disappointment.

why did i type it all right here, why didn’t i type a word document and then cut and past that, so that i wouldn’t lose all my words?


i can’t remember what i wrote.

i remember a little bit of it, at least the last part, but now i feel tired to try to write any of it again.

maybe just a little.

the birthday celebration went pretty well. I wanted to put up some photos of the festivities, but they included B, and that wouldn’t do at all, to have actual photos of him up here. why, you ask? because. because he remains anonymous. except to all the people who know who he is.

B. and i were in a bike shop the other day, and the guy who waited on us said to me “aren’t you the one who wrote that column?” and i said yes, and he said to B., “AHA! You must be MNB!” I can’t recall if he really said “aha,” but i did think it was funny that he remembered the MNB part, and that he was so fascinated.

when the editor fired me, he said nobody wanted to read me anymore (and why can’t you just let it go already grace, and not think about it anymore, let it go like the lemon pie. ((note to self: remember to write about the lemon pie))), i also feel he didn’t like the fact that i was writing about MNB. but actually, the more time passes, the more i think people would have liked to hear more about him, not less. because other people’s relationships fascinate us. most of us, anyway. us who are human beings, anyway.

human nature and all.

so, since i can’t put any photos of B. here, instead i’m going to show you a few photos he took in ireland last year.

ireland castle

more ireland ireland again

there are many other things i want to write here, but now i’m too tired, and feeling crabby because i lost all that writing, and it’s later than i wanted it to be. maybe tomorrow i’ll write some more. maybe i’ll go to Panera so i can download a bunch of photos quickly.

ok then,