christine left me a message today; she’s having grace withdrawal. erica told me she was concerned about me because i hadn’t written all week.

where has the week gone, is my central question.

camping on monday and tuesday. got back wednesday, gave massages, recovered from camping. thursday, more massages, and the PLAY again. tonight, also the play. i had my best performance tonight.

and then, another cast party, i believe i ate all the food there, i hope other people found something in the refrigerator to snack on.

and now, now, i’m tired beyond belief. i have photos to post, i have a million things to do tomorrow, but more important than anything is sleeping.

we had a huge crowd tonight, and it’s expected to be a sell-out again tomorrow night. i saw almost nobody i knew tonight, though, also last night.

here’s one thing before i collapse right here on the floor – i hurried to finish fixing my hair and wig and getting my costume on, so i could sit outside backstage on a bench. i just sat there quietly, as it got darker outside, the fireflies twinkled in the bushes, and i could smell the campfires burning. a perfectly perfect night, one that makes me glad to be alive.

i really liked camping, by the way. i want to camp all the time now. is there a way i could make a living camping? please let me know, and i’ll pursue it immediately.

i fear, that like many things i relish doing, that camping is not going to be a thing i can do exclusively and can earn a living at. perhaps someday i will find some way to make that living.

until then, i’m trying to plan another camping opportunity.

i might have gotten a little bit of poison ivy, but if so, it’s negligible.

fatigue taking over all my body now. must sleep…