the other day, winston and les paul were sleeping peacefully very close together.  nice to have some calm around here.

kevin continues to put more and more wire and fencing and chain link and barbed wire on top of the fenced-in yard.

meanwhile, he also started feeding the birds, at the birdfeeder conveniently located just outside the yard.  les paul is fascinated and delighted.  here he is before kevin mowed up the leaves.  very camouflaged.

whenever he can, lester spends lots of time happily nestled amongst the two big ferns, stalking his prey.  i love this picture because it’s the kind of thing that you’d think a professional photographer would try to capture, with the pet looking up with his head tilted.  luckily les is very photogenic and also good with the posing.

because les is always in the ferns, chester has to do his stalking a little farther back.

this was the beautiful view the late afternoon when they were too busy watching the birds to notice.

saturday, kevin bought some new fencing for the top of the fence and he put it up yesterday.  it took les approximately five seconds to scale it and leap to his freedom.  the old stuff had big holes in it so les could squeeze through.  the new stuff is tightly woven so he couldn’t get through…so instead, he quickly climbed it.

kevin continues to be determined, though, that someday he’ll outsmart the kitty.  i’m not holding my breath.

today it is cold and raining, so everybody will have to be a little bit wound up inside.

i hope your tuesday is good.

ok then,

mrs. h.