Here’s Lester, always so happy to pose for a photo.

Lovey and Riley. Poor Lovey has been pulling out her hair because she’s allergic to something. I can’t comfort her because she continues to be deathly afraid of me.

Smoke from the Canadian wildfires descended on us, and here’s June 28th when the visibility was so bad that we couldn’t even see across the lake.

Then on the 29th the big storm came and at least it blew the smoke away. We found this one big branch fascinating because we don’t know how it could have managed to crash through the fence. A mighty wind.

The smoke was supposed to come back yesterday, but we were out on a lovely boat ride on Saturday evening and could suddenly see the smoke again. It came back early. Lots of boats were out and plenty of people were in the water, so they didn’t seem to mind the smoke. My throat started getting scratchy so we cut short our ride.

The air is better today but it seems the smoke is going to come back all summer, so there’s that to look forward to. This is all the more reason why I need to get out there on the boat while I can. I keep thinking about the people in Canada – the air has been bad here a few days, but are they constantly compromised?

And on that cheery note,

OK then,

Grace Hughes