As I mentioned previously, Kevin bought a great big shed Sunday Aug. 1st. It came in a big box, but the box was smaller than I thought it’d be to hold such a giant shed.

It required a whole lot of assembly.

Here’s the bottom 12 x 12 frame.

Spot helped him the entire time.

He’d started later in the day on Sunday and on Monday he really went to town.

All the banging around made Spot retreat to a safe viewing area.

He needed my help but my knee was giving me trouble; I think that’s the day I stupidly did squats, and I had all kinds of pain. So for a while I lounged on this great lawn chair with a footrest, waiting to help.

Here’s his progress by August 3rd.

And he spent most of the day on his birthday almost finishing it. The instructions weren’t really instructions per se, but rather a bunch of drawings accompanied by one terse line of explanation. Because they lacked detail he ended up attaching backwards some part holding up the roof and had to take it down an fix it.

But by the 5th it was all set. Well done, you! at the end I had to help him putting bolts into screws into the roof which wasn’t at all easy, but somehow I managed to be a tiny bit of help.

When he was at Menard’s picking up his shed he bought me this super cute kitty solar light.

Meanwhile…darling Lester continues to enjoy the top of the kitty house, as the hydrangeas get a deeper shade of pink.

Ok then,

Mrs. August Hughes.