Wednesday, August 4th, Kevin’s 64th birthday…after he’d gone to bed the night before I came up with the brilliant idea of leaving him a voicemail singing “when I’m 64.” I wasn’t sure where his phone was, but was confident that when it rang he wouldn’t hear it because he generally sleeps through most things. Just to be sure, I went into the bedroom to make the call so I could watch him.

His phone was right by the bed, and he groggily opened his eyes and looked at me. Damn! He asked what was going on and I said, “I love you,” kissed him on the forehead and left the room.

Oh well, it was a good idea anyway.

Last Sunday Kevin bought a shed that he had to assemble and spent his entire birthday day working on it. Last year he was putting a new roof on the old part of the house, so at least this job was less hot than that one. Also it wasn’t sweltering all week.

I’ve made him a few very lowfat lemon cheesecakes all summer and that’s what he wanted for his birthday, so the morning before I got out of bed and immediately started the cheesecake because it takes a while and I didn’t want to heat up the house. I got a stick of butter out of the freezer and popped it in the microwave, hitting the “one minute” buitton. I do this a lot, checking it every few seconds and turning it til it’s soft enough to use.

But because I was doing too many things and once and wasn’t fully awake, suddenly the timer dinged and I was dismayed to see that I’d forgotten all about the butter.

After that I slowed down a bit so I didn’t do any more stupid things and it turned out fine.

After he’d put in a full day of work on his birthday, Jim joined us down on the dock as Kevin enjoyed a birthday cigar. It was a beautiful evening.

It’s funny that his shirt says “Yes, I have a retirement plan. I plan to go sailing,” because his sailboat isn’t in the water yet. Hopefully it will be very soon.

mom also loves lemon cheesecake so that’s convenient.

Jim always has great birthday present ideas and suggested that I get Kevin a solar battery for his phone. I went down the rabbit hole of the almost infinite options for solar phone batteries and it was too much for me, but ultimately I decided a solar battery would be better if we were going hiking, but on the other hand he’s never run out of phone power on any hikes. So I looked up other solar things and there are of course many of them out there.

I got him a solar, hand-crank and plug-in radio, a solar lantern, and a cool solar flashlight. Very exciting.

I wonder what huge task he’ll undertake for his 65th?

Ok then,

Mrs. H.