On august 19th, Glenn came over and he and Kevin went out on glenn’s Sunfish sailboats.

I had to hurry down to capture it.

It looked so cool as they glided in.

Instead of offering to give them a hand, I kept taking pictures.

And they did fine…

After a while I got bored watching, so I wandered up towards the house. I looked at the tiny struggling apple tree that Kevin planted earlier in the summer and randomly pulled a few of the honeysuckle vines engulfing it…and then, OW!!!

A dang wasp stung my leg. I sprinted into the house and gulped down a couple Benadryl so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. But not great.

Later that night I realized that the entire bottom half of my leg had swollen. Crazy.

That seems like years ago right now…

Ok then, mrs. September Hughes.