every time i’m able to actually change the banner up there, i’m SO HAPPY because somehow by some miracle i managed to upload the new banner and put it in the right folders and IT’S THERE!

very exciting, and it’s only the 2nd of june.  my goal is to have a new banner every month.  i finished creating this one a while ago, and i noticed that i’ve even almost completed the one for next month.

it’s nice to know that i’m ahead of myself in at least something in my life.

randy told me YOU NEED TO PUT MORE PHOTOS OF YOU ON YOUR SITE.  instead of all the photos of kevin.  ok, i’ll try.  but i’m not out doing things that people don’t usually see, like doing civil war shooting contests.

i should have had somebody take a picture of me power-washing the deck.  have i mentioned that I LOVE THE POWER WASHER?  dad left it here.  i was just flipping through one of kevin’s thousands of catalogs that are laying around, and i noticed there was a whole page of power washers.  they ranged in price from just over three hundred bucks to about $1,400.  that would be some very very serious power-washing.

ok then, we’re off on a big bike ride now,

very productive tuesday morning grace.