did the winter go by this quickly?


my friend wanda suggested that maybe those photos that i managed to permanently delete might be “in the cloud.”  this sounded FANTASTIC, and i just now checked the cloud on my phone, but no cloudiness there at all.  i have a few shared photos that amy shared with me, but none of my photos were safely secured up there in the clouds, no possibility of a happy rainfall of stupidly deleted pictures.  dang.

on the boat front – kevin took the boat trailer to some boat trailer guys, and had high hopes that it could be fixed.

it can’t.  it’d cost so much to fix it that it wouldn’t make sense to do so.  so now we have to buy an all-new trailer.

dang.  again.

maybe the boat will be fixed before the summer is through, but it’s already WHOOSHING by in such an alarming manner…plus i’m pretty sure i’s unseasonably hot around here.  is it always 89 degrees in the early part of june, with temps set to climb well into the 90s?  doesn’t that seem like STATE FAIR WEATHER to you?

it all looks so pretty outside, at least.  we took a long walk this morning before it was too hot, but then i started to feel a little bit sick from all the heat.


well, finally, FINALLY, here are some photos of our glorious and magical evening that was the most fun and entertainment i’ve had in a very long time.  i mean, this guy is SO INCREDIBLY FUNNY, and his act so unique, and i’d like to see him again, and i wish he’d come to springfield…

here’s me, before going out.  i bought these CRAZY pants and i had been dying to wear them, and figured this was a perfect opportunity.  plus my insanely high white sandals that i love, but are much too high.

it was raining when we got to the theater, so i had to tromp through the puddles in my darling white sandals.  this made me a little bit grouchy.

we got to the venue, and there were lots of little tables set up and we ordered apps and drinks and were there so early that we had to wait a long time, and by the time the show started, the place was packed.  puddles made his entrance from the back of the house, singing as he went.

I WISH I COULD MAKE YOU UNDERSTAND HOW FUNNY THIS GUY IS!  he’s either singing or miming; he never says a word.  but from the beginning he was just SO HYSTERICALLY FUNNY.  you know i rarely actually laugh at anything, but i laughed and laughed, all night long.

here is he right at the beginning.  he brought people up on stage a lot, and it was always SOOO FUNNY!  he had everybody sing the national anthem.

he had many great photos and videos behind him on the giant screen; i can’t remember which song this was, but he had a huge montage of different dogs and cats, most of them wearing his puddles party crown.  i guess mos of them are photos that people sent him.

yes, i kept furiously taking photos, and a few little snippets of video, but i was afraid cause i was running out of battery.

he came down into the audience a few times, and this time he sang to a woman right in front of me.

and then, later, he came down and sang to mom!  oh my, it was funny.  so, so funny.

ok, now one problem is that because this version of my website is SO DANG OLD, i’m not able to upload a video onto it!  grrrrr….i must somehow figure out how to handle this problem!

i can’t worry about it now.

i do have a few short videos that i took; i guess you could just go to graceuncensored on youtube and look at one that i uploaded.  RIDICULOUS.

i need to get over that for now.

but so anyway, he continued on with the show, and then, later, he BROUGHT MOM UP ON STAGE!


i couldn’t even take one picture.  aunt sandy was videotaping the entire song, but i kept hissing in her ear, “TAKE A PICTURE!”  she kept waving me away.

at least her friend robin was in the balcony, and she did get a couple shots of mom.

each time puddles brought somebody up, he gave them a birthday hat.  he gave a birthday balloon to the first person, then a balloon that said “get well” or something to the next person.  and as you see here, he festooned mom with many birthday hats!

he gave her a yellow balloon when she finally left the stage, and i know it said something funny on it, but of course by now i can’t remember.  it said something basic, but what?

anyway, he sang a little more and did all his funny stuff, and i loved this song at the end…they were all covers of really good songs, and always with the photos or videos in the background.  so clever and creative and brilliant.

and so tall!  we lined up after it was over to get our pictures taken with him.

afterwards, as we were leaving, a woman came up to mom to give her the balloon that puddles had given her – mom, being completely unsentimental, left the balloon on her chair, but the woman really, really felt that mom needed it!

such a great and awesome time.

but then, sandy had this very very long video on her phone, and wasn’t able to upload it onto her computer and i tried to send it to myself, but there was nothing to be done.  i do think that maybe, hopefully, it’s on her phone or her computer, and eventually she’ll come to spfld and we’ll be able to somehow get it onto my computer…

and then there’s the issue of updating this whole dang site so i can post videos here!

good grief.  i’ve been feeling a little on edge for the past few weeks, because of the volume of stuff i’ve been trying to accomplish – the neverending yard work, plus all the other things i’ve been trying to do, and i’ve been horribly neglecting writing on here but now i have to start in on my old worrying about updating the site!  i should really look into taking a class on how to do it myself, but WHO HAS TIME FOR THAT???!!!


luckily, i’ll start thinking of all the other things that i need or want to do, and the concern about my website will go back to being this nagging thing in the back of my mind…

and so it goes.

ok then,

mrs. wednesday hughes.