June 11th, to be exact. I was up pretty early (for me), enjoying the morning and the darling kitties who were also enjoying the morning.

It’s usually Lester who is posing for the camera while Riley sprints away, but here Riley stopped for a minute.

Lilies are so beautiful. I wish they lasted longer. Some are still blooming, which is great. All of these from June 11th have died off, of course. Something to look forward to next year…

The two big boys suddenly got very, very tired.

I had my two-week post-op checkup and the doctor who looked at my knee seemed mostly just concerned with the redness around one of the stitches. I told him I thought it was because of having a band-aid on it so long and that satisfied him. He said I have no restrictions now at all, except I should wait a month before trying to run again. But I can go for a walk! It’s a little disturbing that I’m so excited about something that I took for granted.

I kept asking him about different things – can I do squats, can I do lunges, can I do wall sits and the other things I usually do, and he kept saying I can do anything.

I forgot to ask him if it’s ok to jump in the lake, or to even be in the lake. But I think it’d be a good idea to wait a month to do that and then I should use a waterproof bandage. Or maybe I’ll wait til next year…

I also forgot to ask about bike-riding but I figure it’s probably about the same as running.

Meanwhile, there’s still plenty to enjoy during the rest of this summer which is whooshing past in the usual summertimely alarming manner.

ok then,

mrs. july already hughes.