yeah, the year is a little more than half over, and i’m way way way behind in posting photos, per usualmente.

however, here are three photos taken JUST THIS MORNING, by kevin.

dang, that lake is beautiful, and DANG, i wish i’d get up early enough to see it looking so good!

here, one of the INCREDIBLY RARE lilies blooming in our yard!  rare because the deer ate 99% of them!  i kept spraying the deer spray, which shoulda lasted a couple months, and the torrential rains kept washing it all away. grrrrrr about that.  those dang deer are so cute, but I WISH THEY DIDN’T ENJOY MY FLOWERS SO MUCH.

and now, because it’s such a lovely morning, i must go right outside.  and then kevin and i are going to take a very big walk, out on the trails at new salem.

so have yourself a merry little sunday….

mrs. g.h., outside a lot cause it’s SUMMER, DANGITALL!