we had a HUGE CELEBRATION for his birthday on monday night.

many photos, soon, i swear.

and yes, it’s already JULY, and WHERE HAVE I BEEN???  busy, so much busier than i’d like to be.

today would be a relaxing day, except i went to weightlifting class because amy was a substitute teacher, otherwise i’d have stayed home cause of being worn out.

and in a few minutes we’re going to go help erica move.  so, weightlifting class, redundant.

maybe tomorrow i’ll get to relax.  plus to post the literally many many many photos from june, including the exciting and dramatic tree-cutting, aunt sandy’s big birthday blowout in chicago, plus randy’s birthday celebration.

plus, of course, many photos of les paul.

we got bad news yet again about mollie on wednesday when we took her in for her 3rd-to-last doxirubicin chemo treatment.  when i’d taken her to our vet here in springfield last week for her blood count, the vet was pleased and said mollie looked great, her lymph nodes seemed to be way down, and she asked if the U of I had told us anything about her life expectancy.  i said they hadn’t, but was hoping that maybe she’d last at least another several months?  and the vet said yet, at least several months.

so then i was erroneously optimistic about her chemo on wednesday.  the vet tech said that her cancer is still there, not in remission like it was the last time she had this drug, and her lymph nodes might be a little smaller.  she said that it’s good that mollie is feeling good, but her life expectancy – day by day, that’s all.  if the cancer isn’t in remission after two more times of this drug, they can give her something else that wouldn’t severely compromise her heart, but i feel that if this super-strong drug isn’t working, why would something else work?

so, waiting and seeing and spending lots and lots of money on every kind of dog treat we can think of.

she and kevin took a nice walk this morning before it got too hot, and he said she enjoyed herself.

so i’m thinking about getting a SMART PHONE, although it seems that there’s too much to read about them.  amy says either a samsung galaxy s, or an apple 4.  here’s something i read about the samsung:

the Samsung Galaxy S® III recognizes your voice, understands your habits, and shares your moments instantly with intuitive technology on a 4.8″ HD Super AMOLED™ display…

seriously, it understands my habits and will instantly share my moments???  i’m not looking for a RELATIONSHIP, just something i can use to talk or text and look up the weather all the time obsessively, and look up stuff when we’re out of town, which solely involves going to champaign these days.

ok, moving time…