right now the weather is extraordinarily fantastic, so yay for that!  79 degrees right now, we might as well be in wales.

even though we’re staying home this summer, things are mighty fine.  just ask les and riley…

here’s the first tiny start of a watermelon in kevin’s garden.  i’m just waiting for the tomatoes to ripen.

this is one of my most favorite photos of kevin ever.  he’s so happy and cool out there on the new boat!

speaking of happy and cool…riley has now lost two collars, and today I was petting him out on the back deck and looked down between the slats, and lo and behold, there was his first collar.  i’ll put it on him and see how long it takes him to break free of it.

on his supervised walk, les got the chance to chill on the boat.

glenn and Julie sent us these festive flowers after their initial boat ride.  I can’t believe how long these flowers lasted.

riley again, on top of his new roof.  when kevin sent me this photo I thought this was the finished product, but it’s covered with shingles now, very professional.  because we had a log on top of the old roof, the roof corroded.  i’m sure this one will last a good long time.

and that’s all for right now, gotta get back outside…

ok then,